Salvador has technology at its core with a large focus on Cyber Security.’

Salvador Group brings together innovative products and services to meet our client’s transformational challenges.

Salvador Partners LLP – has become Salvador’s first private equity investment portfolio, formed to bring together vast experience across multiple domains.

The team includes experience in manufacturing, military contracts, legal, finance, IT security, talent acquisition, wealth management, banking architecture as well as global operations of multinational enterprises

With a background in Cyber Security and a large collection of intellectual property, it was a natural progression and previous track record that give the start to Salvador’s own product range.

The portfolio includes technologies in the Telecoms sector, Cyber Security, Risk & Compliance in addition to a Blockchain Fintech project.

Recruitment Solutions

Salvador talent solutions provide resource talent management service on behalf of their technology partners and global organisations to fulfil and deliver talent for technology transformation projects as well as supporting global organisations to tackle their talent challenges.’

Our team is experienced and approachable; used to facilitating board level discussions, they can provide proactive support and engagement for your talent programmes. Thanks to the strong relationships we share with the
best professionals, we can provide an independent, cost-effective alternative to consulting firms either in an interim or permanent capacity.

We also support clients with more technical programmes and those with a technology bias, helping organisations identify individuals for leadership roles, appointing CIOs, IT Directors and their direct reports.

Investment Services

Helping ideas fulfil their potential, where the only requirement is a great idea. With a broad view of the start-up community, we advise companies through the process of creating their own intellectual property to wherever they are on the path to fulfilment. We provide the strategic vision and “can do” collaboration to foster innovation, development, and productionisation.’

Created for entrepreneurs, Salvador’s ethos is to do things differently.

After going through the process ourselves, we realised what was wrong with most large institutional investors. The investment world now expects to invest only after the guarantee has been created. Salvador has seen the need to assist early stage companies, even from the inception. Our de-risking process is our own ability to strategically position and aid great technology.

It’s not all the investor’s fault, too many start-ups assume they have the best business opportunity and sometimes need just a gentle, re-alignment onto the right path.

The benefits Salvador has is experience and a global network. Already working with large corporate enterprises & major technology primes. Salvador has a unique view of both the enterprise and the start-up landscape.

Understanding the end clients requirements and then innovating, partnering and bringing together early-stage companies with technology primes, de-risking for other investors and of course the end clients.

Commodities brokerage

Salvador’s Brokerage arm specialises in the procurement of a number of commodities including; Grains, Fuel, Metals and others.

After spending years developing a global network, spanning a number of industry sectors – We started getting requests to put buyers and sellers together. It’s alway a case of the right place and the right time, our track record in the technology sector also aided the speed in which we could establish trusted relationships with our clients and other brokers.