Salvador Innovation at Vodafone IoT Challenge

June 17′ Salvador Innovation join the IoT Challenge with Vodafone, finishing up the event as finalists. Great couple of days and some great companies involved.

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Salvador invests in Altitude Tech

May 17′ A group of like-minded professionals based out of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory with key skills in the area of Robotics, Electronics, Computer Systems Integration and Product Design.

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Introduction to Salvador Group

April 17′ Salvador means “Saviour” in Catalan. Empowering start-ups & Entrepreneurs, whilst innovating innovation for Enterprise.


New Head of Creative

Feb 17′ Mira Taylor joins the Salvador team as head of creative.

Cyber Expertise

Feb 17′  Nuri Fattah is experienced in providing cyber solutions, services, consulting and testing to NATO, and companies based in the UAE and Europe.


Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Jan 17′ On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. They also don’t know if you’re being impersonated by an ex-partner, a disgruntled business associate or a foreign fraudster.