The Salvador Group

Salvador is a high-tech company – specialising in the brokering of business transactions. With vast experience in a number of domains, the Salvador team are able to facilitate transactions on a global scale.

The Salvador founder ran a manufacturing facility before developing his own products. Creating Salvador on the back of other technologies, it was clear to see where most businesses require assistance.  

Salvador has a type of non-executive team as it’s management team, each member coming from different backgrounds that include senior executives from major organisations across the globe. With the team having experience in everything from engineering & manufacturing, through to banking architecture, wealth management, military contracting and legal business counsel.

With a deep knowledge of the Cyber Security market, more specifically – Cyber within the financial sector, Salvador have invested in a number of technology companies in these areas.

Salvador offers strategic business experience and can tailor make solutions to suit each individual requirement.  Working alongside technology primes, distribution partners, we are able to assist enterprise clients with transformational projects. For start-ups, we often position new and exciting tech into our partners and enterprise clients.