The Salvador Group

The Salvador journey

Although Salvador is a relatively new venture, in some ways it’s has been an evolution over the last 17 years. The founder Lewis Daniels has advanced the capabilities of Salvador one piece at a time. In 2000 as an engineer manufacturing physical products this included precision engineering and tool making.

In 2004 Lewis formed a sub-contract electronics manufacturing facility, building printed circuit boards for external clients. It was this that truly started the Salvador journey. At the end of 2009 the first patent application was filed, a simple USB memory device for the Cyber Security domain. By 2012 the project had attracted partners and the portfolio rapidly grew, gradually building the network along the way.

Around the second quarter of 2014, the project had become two businesses; one focused on Cyber Security and the other in the Financial services sector. Both businesses had global partners a private family office on the one side and a multinational payment enablement firm on the other. In 2015 Lewis created the first Salvador venture with a specific view of bringing incredible talent to the team and building a type of executive board to help and grow new projects.

The team included senior management and executives from global organisations. With a wealth of experience in sectors including manufacturing, military, banking, INGO’s, logistics, legal and accounts.

Since then the project has grown into 4 divisions and the team growing with it, Salvador now has its own internal technology arm. The technologies core focus is on cyber security with a cross over into the financial sector. Additional team members have brought new skills to the group including banking architecture, creative & design, talent acquisition including executive search as well as penetration testing with a higher level of cyber security portfolios.

Salvador’s 2nd division is a recruitment and consultancy business; this specialising in technical programmes and individual with a technology bias, helping organisations identify individuals for leadership roles, appointing CIOs, IT Directors and their direct reports.

The 3rd part of the Salvador Group is an investment arm, Salvador understands the need for change, not only in the technology sphere but as well as in the investment world. With experience in taking projects to market, the Salvador team has been approaching the investment space from the same direction as the businesses it is supporting. We have recently acquired an equity stake in a number of companies ranging from early idea projects, through to established businesses who are seeking to accelerate or expand the current operations. We have been assisting companies with sales & marketing, leveraging our vast network to align our portfolio companies to real-world enterprise requirements.

The Salvador investment model is based on real world requirements; our criteria is simple – Can we work with the team in the project? & Can we help? If the project is exciting, we know who needs it and we know how to get it there.

Our 4th division is a commodity facilitator, with our global connections we are able to broker deals between buyers and sellers. We work with commodities such as Oil & Gas in addition to grains and other types of food supplies.